Type Rating



The Airbus A320 family airplane is the best-selling single-aisle airplane in the world with more than 8000 airplane orders and more than 5000 airplanes in operation. With the development of the A320neo the future is bright. Being type rated on the A320 family airplane gives you the opportunity to develop your professional pilot career like no other airplane type. Exciting job opportunities are available with airlines all over the world. The A320 type rating will serve you well for the next 30 years and is the best investment you can make.

A320 Standard Type Rating Course

A330 Standard Type Rating Course

A320 Type Rating Course with MCC

A320 TRI/SFI Course

A330 TRI/SFI Course

A320 First Officer Line Training Program

A320 Command Upgrade Training

Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) from A320 to A330

Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) from A330/A340 to A320

Zero Flight Time training (ZFT)

TRE(A) Standards Course


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